Trusting Students With ICT

Emily posted at her blog ‘Miss Mortimer’s Blog‘ some negatives of ICT being such a major part of our community. You can read her post here. Emily got me thinking about some issues that teachers have to deal with when incorporating ICT into their teaching.

In my last post, I included a video about the role of ICT in education. In this video, one teacher reflects,

“You have to be looking at what is on (students’) screens all the time. I have a lot of trouble trusting students with computers. You just don’t know what they could be doing.”

It is possible many teachers feel this way. This attitude could prevent teachers using ICT in their lessons.

computer room

It is my belief that ICT can dramatically change student learning for the better. That is why it would be a shame for teachers to reject the opportunity to use ICT, because of trust issues. Do you have any ideas of how this problem could be rectified?

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